Al Saadiyat penthouse

Al Saadiyat island, Abu Dhabi

A magnificent penthouse perched atop the enchanting Al Saadiyat island in Abu Dhabi was the canvas for our latest design masterpiece. With a passion for creating exquisite homes that embody the unique spirit of our clients, the La Bottega team was thrilled to take on the challenge of bringing this luxurious space to life. From the very beginning, we were captivated by our clients’ vision for their new marital and family home, and knew that the potential for something truly spectacular was within reach. With boundless creativity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we poured our hearts and souls into every detail, crafting a space that is nothing short of breathtaking. The result is a luxurious penthouse that perfectly embodies the spirit of our clients, and stands as a testament to the power of inspired design.

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